• 100% Vegetarian Food

  • 80% Organic products

  • 100 + varities of tea

  • Multi Cuisine & Indian Desi Food

For a chaivanist, Chaibubble Café is nothing short of paradise.

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About Us

What is Chai to you ?

A soothing drink on a cold winter’s night, A simple and natural way to promote health and healing, a tasty way to hydrate... or does it play many roles in your life ? Whether you are a tea aficionado or simply enjoy your favourite cup of tea for its comfort and flavor, you are one of the millions of lives that tea has changed and benefitted through the centuries. It is our continues effort to provide the best quality teas from around the world for you to enjoy our freshly steeped Chai !


chaibubble® ADVANTAGE

Premium ambiance
Innovative delivery through heat retaining disposable flask
Chai served in Ethnic, Oriental and Western Style
100% Vegetarian Food
80% of our products are Organic
Multi Cuisine & Indian Desi Food
Memorable Experience for our valued customers
Vast collection of Teas from all over the world

chaibubble® SPECIALITY

Uniquely formulated signature dishes
Quick & easy preparations
Strict formula of preparation to ensure uniform taste
Large variety of Teas.
Tea tasting events.
Our teas are steeped within 2 minutes in front of the customers.
We cater to vast customer base including Working Professionals, Students & Hangout Groups.